Hanshi is established in 1991,

we build Staycation of different styles by constantly integrating with various elements and launching all series of products.

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Bring Relax to your home.

Beautiful, long-lasting furniture is the foundation of your decor.


The best area for party and entertainment for families and friends.

A smooth moving path is kept. With a cozy sofa and a recliner, or a couch near the window, the space if more flexible for you to lie or sit freely.

Have a cup of coffee on the couch; enjoy a movie on the sofa suitable for sedentary; put on a gramophone record and start to play; read a book aside the floor lamp. 


A dream of private kitchen for each family.

A dining table with proper size and cozy chairs that go well with decorations make you expected to cook and have meals with families everyday.  

Inviting a few good friends to come for a meal becomes

the best activity, making it more comfortable and more

suitable for chatting and life sharing than going to the restaurant.


Relax, take a good rest and welcome every morning.

Gentle light that sediments your thinking after a whole day. Pick a proper mattress with a sturdy and breathing.Put on some pillowy products and have a good sleep on the cozy bed.

The morning sunlight will tell you the natural of your body that it is the time to start a new day.

Commercial space furniture cooperation project

Office space/all kinds of retail sale space/home stay restaurant and bar

We provide professional seeking and purchase

furniture for all styles of commercial space Cooperate with interior decoration designer of commercial space,

no matter the office furniture or restaurant, dining pub, coffee shop, bar, clothing store, club, home stay…the owner may purchase the furniture for shop opening,

and we provide furniture and lamp arrangement services for free.

We could provide references regarding the model home, public space and customized furniture.

We will create furniture purchase and customized order quotation designated for you ASAP.


The consummate and facile lines , the succinct designs.

M.W JOINTS |罕 氏 家 居 
Bring Relax to your home.
享受居家空間 ∙ 體驗好感日常
生活的本質 • 尋求自然的延伸




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